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Stylish Home: ToweLocs

By Tricia Chaves · December 29, 2011

Rhonda Shear recently tweeted that the person who said money can't buy happiness just didn’t know where to shop. While it's the first time I heard it worded like that, I have to agree with Rhonda on this one. I'm a fan of affordable solutions that make life easier, and if they manage to help me avoid arguments, all the better.

Who'd imagine a little accessory that resembles a broach or lapel pin could transform you from nagging shrew to stylish homekeeper instantaneously?! Just loop your hand towel around its bar in the bathroom, pop on one of your favorite ToweLocs, and you won't be reminding your husband and kids to pick their wet hand towel up ever again. Arrange another around the handle of your stove and it won't fall off every time you open that oven.

They come in plastic, metal and ceramic types to match virtually every style of décor. I saw the Sandblast and Gold Star* up close, and both went perfectly with my dark wood cabinetry and beige and gold-flecked granite countertops.

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Tagged with: Towel, solutions, kitchen, Bathroom

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