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Foodie Friday: New England Country Soup

By Tricia Chaves · January 20, 2012

If you're like me, you enjoy the convenience of ready-made soup but steer clear of it because of the ultra-high sodium content (hello belly bloat!) or so-so flavor. Or if you're not, you may want to turn that can around and have a look -- a can of Campbell's condensed soup can actually exceed your recommended daily salt intake!

I recently had the opportunity to try* some homemade soups from New England Country Soup and got thumbs-up from everyone who sampled them at home. As of publication, New England Country Soups are available at retailers in 29 states (see the online store locator). Click photos to buy New England Country Soups on Amazon.com.

My husband's preference of the two was the Chicken Corn Chowder. To me, it had a lingering taste of allspice but when I looked at the ingredient list I was twice surprised -- not only was there no allspice whatsoever, the ingredient list was particularly small and absent of "what the hell is that anyway?" kind of additives.


And how cool is this one? If you use the site's online ingredient tracker, you can not only find out when your soup was made but where the ingredients in the soup originate from along with historic tidbits. According to New England Country Soup, the Pilgrims made a similar soup they named pottage, a filling blend of meat, corn, potatoes, herbs and spices.

Thanks to the lower-sodium sea salt, you can indulge in an entire cup for 240 mg of sodium, compared with 860 mg in Campbell's CHUNKY Chicken Corn Chowder.

I preferred the spicier Caribbean Black Bean, which did in fact have allspice in it, but it was overshadowed by the spicy kick of the Chili and Jalapeno pepper blend! I recommend topping it with a dollop of fresh sour cream. Delicious!

There are six other soups I didn't try, but would definitely like to based on my experience with these two flavors:


Yankee White Bean
Nana's Chicken Soup
New England Clam Chowder
Chicken Pomodoro
Sweet Chicken Curry

All the New England Country Soup products are packaged in BPA-free pouches, so it's as easy as tossing one into a pot of boiling water 'til heated for a quick-serve, no-mess meal when you're in a hurry or not feeling like cooking. The pouches are microwave-friendly too so you can carry them with you to the office...and there's enough to share with a friend.

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